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Dentures are artificial teeth that are used to fill in the spaces created by missing teeth. Dentures are made of hardened colored acrylic resins and using today's technologies can be made to look as natural as your regular teeth. Dentures can be created to fill the place of one missing tooth, several teeth, or even all of patient's teeth depending on the nature and reason for their tooth loss.

Aside from aesthetic appearance, dentures will help a patient with chewing, normal speech, facial muscle support, and avoid the shifting of surrounding teeth. Dentures have significant pluses and minuses — they are relatively inexpensive but can trap food and move slightly when chewing. Denture esthetics can be quite good but often patients find the esthetics not quite as good as crown, bridge and implant esthetics. If you are missing one or more teeth, ask Dr. Zuckerman if dentures are right for you. Dentures may just be the procedure that brings out your smile.

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