Dear Dr. Zuckerman,

“I want to thank you first and foremost for helping me get over my fear of denstist. When I first walked into your office, I was in severe pain. Worse I was extremely hesitant, fearful, and like most paitents, nervous about the type of care I would recieve. My first visit has now been forever imprinted in my memory. You were so sweet and your initial reception was so warm that immediately I felt at ease in your office.

Once in the chair, I could see you sensed my fear and I appreciate your efforts to calm me down. The novacaine shot, of which I am terrified, I didn’t even feel. The enviornment was more than comfortable and you and your staff were not just professional, but friendly. I left the chair with a new sense of comfort, knowing that my dental health was now in the hands of a dedicated professional who really cared about me. That is not something you find in most dentists and I just wanted to thank you for it.”

Til my next visit, Leor Benyamini,