Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Our dental office is committed to providing our patients with the most comfortable and high-quality care possible. For this reason, we use advanced dental technology in Roslyn, New York. Check out our equipment below to see how we can make your dental experience with us a positive one and call Macabi Dental Associates at 516-869-9787 to meet with our dentist, Dr. Iris Zuckerman.

Our Equipment

Macabi Dental Associates uses digital X-rays to view your teeth beneath your gum line. This allows our dentist and team to gain a better understanding of your dental needs and help prepare proper treatment for you. 

If we need to see hard-to-reach areas of the mouth in more detail, our dentist may use an intraoral camera. This easy, small appliance is a great tool for creating high-definition images of your mouth in real time. 

We are proud to feature laser dentistry in Roslyn, New York, at Macabi Dental Associates. As an advanced dental technology, this equipment allows Dr. Iris Zuckerman to perform treatments with more finesse and precision, which makes our services far more efficient.